Some descriptionScansport Sportstape - The professionals choice for maximum performance

Specially developed athletic tape. Provides maximum protection and support to muscles, joints and ligaments.

The woven fabric is custom made from the finest choice of pure, unbleached natural viscose fibers.

The specially formulated zinc oxide adhesive provides superb holding power.

The fabric is made water repellant by an elaborate process making it hydrophobic even during the most challenging use.

Scansport, the champion`s, tape, is the choice of ambitious athletes al all levels.

Scansport is available in the following sizes

  • 2,50 cm x 10 m
  • 3,80 cm x 10 m
  • 5,00 xm x 10 m

The 3,8 cm x 10 m size is available in consumer packaging as well as team packages.
This size is also available in serval colours.

The professionals choice for maximum performance.

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