Fixation tapes

Scanpor Surgical Tape - the strong and flexible all-round tape.

Thin, smooth, flexible and yet strong non-woven, that streches with the skin, reducing abrasions and permits use on high flexion areas. Coated with hypoallergenic, skin friendly allergy-tested acrylic adhesive providing excellent holdingpower.

Scanpor is perfect for fixation of all kinds of wound dressings, even those requiring frequent opening for fixation and reclosure. It is ideal for securing ostomy appliances.

Scanpor adheres well to skin with abnormally high perspiration rate, and is perfect in highly sensitive skin.

Scanpor can in many case substitute other more expensive tapes, like fabrics, silk or plastics.

Scanpor is available in white and tan, with and without dispenser:

  • 1,25 cm x 10 m
  • 2,50 cm x 10 m
  • 5,00 cm x 10 m

and packed in a wide range of versions, such as individual boxes suitable for the consumer market, as well as larger units perfect for the institutions.

Scanpor Elast, a very flexible ang highly breathable polyester non-woven, specially made to tailor any wound size.

Scanpor Elast is coated with as specially formulated, skin friendly acrylic adhesive.

Scanpor Elast

  • it may be used for fixation of different items to the body, i.e: cannula-dressings, tubes, I.V.'s
  • it may also be used as a compression bandage or as an adhesive bandage to cover large area of skin
  • it may be used to cover and secure areas of movement such as the shoulder, ankle, wrist and knee. It can also be streched over large areas of the abdomen
  • it's permeability to air and moisture allows the skin to breathe and prevents maceration
  • the split liner covering the adhesive allows easy use, as the release og the liner is fast and cinvenient

Scanpor Elast is available in the following sizes:

  • 5 cm x 10 cm
  • 10 cm x 10 m
  • 15 cm x 10 m
  • 20 cm x 10 m 

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