Scantapes and Scanfoams

Perfect as adhesive components in most medical devices

Medical grade pressure sensitive tapes.

Superb adhesives, ideal for converersion into medical devices.
Coated on non-wovens, films, foams and fabrics.
Tailored to customer requirements and specification.

Non-wovens: Strong and easily torn, flexible or rigid, any property available.
Films: Breathable polyethylenes and polyurethane.
Fabrics: Strong Elastic and non-elastic woven fabrics.
Foams: Flexible polyethylene and polyurethane qualities.

Scantapes & Scanfoams are perfect as adhesive components in most medical devices:

  • Wound-dressings
  • Tapes
  • Surgical products
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Ostomy
  • Electrodes
  • IV Devices
  • Allergy test devices

Adhesive components you can trust